Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spell Worksheet


Associations for intent: _______________________________________

Elemental Association (Air/East, South/Fire, Water/West, Earth/North.) _____________________________________________________________________

* Cast a circle
* Call in Watchtowers
* Light Incense on charcoal
* Light fire on color candles
* Sprinkle salt water
* Athame to earth
* Light Goddess/God candles
* salt to the 4 corners.
* Call in Goddess/God
* Use element to work magic with other elements
* Cleansing of self if required; purification of items.
* Recite chants or work the magick. At this time make potions, candle magic, spells, brews, oils and any other things you will need for the work.
* Spell/Incantation/Chant
* Thank deities
* close circle.
* Close watchtowers
* extinguish candles by hand.

Things to know for completion of spell to work.

Lunar (Waxing -increasing/Waning -decreasing) New Moon - Full Moon


Incense Association________________________________________

Herbal Association________________________________________

Bath salts or oils: ______________________________________

Oil Association______ _____________________________________

Color Association (i.e. Candle):__ ____________________________

Tools Required/Suggested __________________________________



Add the things you use for your spellcasting, remove what you don't use.
Add any additional associations, like chakras, stones,

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