Thursday, April 11, 2013

Meditation and witchcraft


We have to learn to look within ourselves, to learn to not always be looking outside for everything. That is what meditation is, looking within, and listening to the truths that lie buried within us. - Cerelia

If you can hush your thoughts, find your way to a spiritual silence, and listen with your whole self, you can hear the Universe singing. You hear it with your mind, rather than your ears. I think of that music as the lullaby of the Goddess. It's as comforting as womb music. - Eileen

Meditation comes in many different forms. If you do not do it the way an authority on the subject does it, but it works for you, it doesn't matter. Meditation is relaxing the body and mind. Because your thoughts seem to get in the way, it takes practice to calm them down. Alan Watts said, "You are your own Master. We all possess a higher self deep within us that's infinite, that's one with the All." - Cerelia


Not only does meditation relax, it teaches the art of concentration and focus. It is a true way to "know yourself", your real self. Meditation is an art. It is a spiritual journey in itself, not just something to relax by... although if that is all you want out of it, that is fine. Meditation can, when done properly, alter your state of consciousness and bring about 'changing your consciousness', which is exactly what magic and being a Witch is all about. Meditation comes easily for some Witches, while others have to practice it faithfully. It just takes practice, and patience. - Cerelia

One of the reasons that so many Witches meditate is because of the mental discipline that meditation teaches. Another reason is because we can get answers to our questions through meditation. Meditation is helpful with making decisions, such as choosing a new career path. Many Witches find meditation helpful when they face a crossed condition in their lives. Others prefer turning to the Goddess, or to take action and cast an uncrossing spell. You are the only one who can decide what action is best for you, in your situation. Adversity helps us to grow in our path, and learn what we are meant to learn in this lifetime. Meditation helps us to discover the meaning in our suffering. That sounds grim, but its actually a joyous process. Try meditation and divination when you seek an answer to a question. Remember that answers often seem to come when you stop consciously thinking about something, and allow your higher mind to handle it. - Eileen


Meditation can be quite simple. Many books have been written which can help you through the problems that may arise. There are different theories about meditation, and different ways to get to the same place. A lot of us meditate in our own ways all the time, and don't even realize it. The amount of books out there on the subject make many people feel that meditation is something that is very hard to attain, but it isn't. To become one completely within yourself isn't easy, but we don't have to be meditative gurus to have success with meditation. Meditation is called by many other names now. This is helping it to become more acceptable, or less intimidating to Westerners. We do not have to devote our whole lives to meditation, as some have. We can integrate meditation into our everyday lives.

Exercise #1

Don't fight the thoughts that come when you try to meditate. Go with them, and see where they lead you. Learn to find your higher self, which will show itself with practice. Start simply, such as while taking a warm bath. Let your thoughts come and go. To be good at meditation takes practice, if it doesn't come naturally.

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