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Findhorn Garden, part II

Next is Eileen's part.

I love her connection with God, the openness, the submission... I wish I had the serenity to actually listen to God.

"You are all individuals very specially chosen and trained by Me to do a specific work which only you can do"

It's not only Eileen, Peter and Dorothy this concerns, it's about all of us. Everyone. We have all been hand-picked by God to do what only we can do... Which is why it's so sad that so many people are being scared and punished and shamed from doing what they were created to do. I believe we all have our mission written in our heart, and that it shows in things that move us. Our parents have been chosen very carefully, our place of birth, every such detail, to give us the best possible training for the job we are here for to do.

"I was told that in something like polishing the floor, you can do it positively so you really enjoy seeing a lovely shine come up as you rub, or you can do it negatively and just feel it is another job that must be done. When you start on a job, whatever it may be, see that your attitude towards it is right, and how very different it will be. Your attitude makes one thing to another."

"My beloved child, when you really believe wit your whole heart and at all times, that man was made in My image and likeness, you will have found the greatest secret of life."

It reminds me of something, I don't know if I read it somewhere, or what, but "we are a limitless spirit in a limited body". We ARE angels, but we also have a physical body, able to create physical things in a physical world, able to sense, able to feel (emote?)... It is not that we are LIMITED by our body, no, it ADDS to our being. I have never understood people who talk about denying your flesh and trying to release oneself from the physical bounds, as if the world and creation was something bad, evil, restrictive, limiting, harmful... I believe that those people have misunderstood it very gravely.

 "Man was made in My image and likeness, then he abused his body so much by eating wrong food, by drinking the wrong drinks, by thinking the wrong thoughts..."

"It is so important that you really enjoy what you are eating and not do it out of a sense of duty."

I believe being a fruitarian is the way to go. Just eating fruits and seeds... perhaps also milk and eggs. I love milk and eggs. Lacto-ovo-fruitarian? Bah. It kind of doesn't feel right.
I mean... dieticians and doctors warn people from becoming fruitarians, but just look at orangutans. They are frugivores. "Orangutans primarily eat fruit (65%), along with young leaves, bark, flowers, honey, insects, and vines".
Sure, insects. And bark and vines. But... how much B12 is there in insects? How much of their diet is insect-based?
"At the San Diego Zoo, the orangutans are offered cabbage, romaine lettuce, kale, carrots, yams, broccoli, bananas, apples, oranges, and grapes. Treats might include papaya, corn, turnip, onion, popcorn, raisins, peanut butter, and walnuts."
Yeah... fruitarians :-D

"Do you not realize that you have within you all wisdom, all knowledge, all understanding? You do not have to seek it without, but you have to take time to be still and to go deep within to find it. Many souls are too lazy or feel that there is so much to be done that they have no time to be still and go into the silence. They prefer to live on someone else's wisdom and knowledge instead of receiving it direct from the source themselves."

This to me is one of the biggest peeves with New Age and such. People are running from one Sage to another, follow any Guru, Teacher, Master, without stopping and LISTENING.

"You should be able to hear [My voice] at all times, in all places, no matter what is happening around you, no matter what state you may be in. Your need for Me is constant. As it was in the beginning when man walked and talked with Me, so it is now happening again. This is the relationship I long to have with all My children."

All we need to do is listen. God is there, speaking, the nature spirits, devas, elementals, angels, the whole host of other life forms, it tries to communicate with us, always open, always respectful, always loving and giving us their full attention. But we never stop...

Then came Dorothy's part.

She reminds us of that all three of them had been actively LISTENING to their inner voices for years. It just didn't happen. They were prepared and intuned to LISTEN.

"To me God is an indwelling presence, the core of what I am and what everything is. od is life itself, speaking through all life. And God's will is the path we tread which develops the best ofr us and for all we encounter. "Let my will be a mystery for you to find in each moment", my guidance told me. "Seek it within the litte and the big. It includes all people and all things, all questions and all answers."

I remember the feeling of love towards the mankind... I was sitting in a bus, it was late, and in steps a drunken man, talking loudly some antisemitic crap. And I looked at him, and thought how he too was Goddess' son, beloved child... I felt a deep sympathy for how difficult and hard he must feel his life is, feeling the need to drink and feeling so vulnerable that he had to blame others for the misery he felt... I wasn't afraid, just compassionate. Such a lovely feeling...

She talks about her "special mission" for Findhorn.

"One of the jobs for you as My free child is to feel into the nature forces, such as the wind. Feel its essence and purpose for Me, and be positive and harmonize with that essence. It will not be as difficult as you immediately imagine because the beings of these forces will be glad to feel a friendly power. All forces are to be felt into, even the sun, the moon, the sea, the trees, the very grass. All are part of My life. All is one life. Play your part in making life one again, with My help".

"What will come to you will come as on the wings of song, effortlessly"
One should not force the connection. Just have patience and listen. Be open, loving, truly appreciative, grateful, and sincere, willing to co-operate, and they will find a way to communicate with you. 

"Seek into the glorious realms of nature with sympathy and understanding, knowing that these beings are of the Light, willing to help but suspicious of humans and on the lookout for the false, the snags. Keep with Me and they will find none, and you will all build towards the new."

She explains the devas. Now, deva is not the "real" name for these... entities, but it does well enough. She would have called them angels, but chose not to, because of the connotations people have of the word "angel". There is a deva of everything. Every plant has a deva - or more so, every sort of plant has a deva or a guardian spirit.

"The devas hold the archetypal pattern and plan for all forms around us, and they direct the energy needed for materializing them. The physical bodies of minerals, vegetables, animals and humans are all energy brought into form through the work of the devic kingdom".

"While the devas might be considered the "architects" of plant forms, the nature spirits of elementals, such as gnomes and fairies, may be seen as the "craftsmen", using the blueprint and energy channeled to them by the devas to build up the plant form". 

She talks about the Landscape angel. "a certain being overlighting the geographical area", and The Angel of Findhorn, a "composite being", born from the substance of our thoughts and ideals, the radiations and energies of everything working together for a higher purpose.

(Later in the book Holger, a member of Findhorn community some 10 years later, said "In working on the compost heaps, I have found that a simple object like a pitchfork has an identity and its own characteristic energy. I find that if I hang onto a pitchfork tightly and make it do what I want, by the end of the day I am exhausted. But if I hold the fork loosely, just balancing it and not imposing my will on its will, it becomes an extension of myself and we flow easily, without resistance. If we recognize the living entity of that pitchfork, we can learn how to use it properly."
And there is a message from Machine Deva: "Machines, too, respond to human love and care... ...We would not belittle the mind, for through it we were brought to birth. But behind the mind, empowering it, are forces of even greater strength which we would as you to use when you deal with machines. Metals are part of the one life; treat them as such and you will get a response. Bring joy to the world of metal by co-operating with us.")

She says "It delighted the devas when Peter acted on their suggestions. While at the beginning of our contact they had seemed rather remote, our co-operation changed that, and they became friendly and even anxious to help. In fact, we were told that they were practically queuing up to experience this new contact with human life."

I remember C.S.Lewis' Prince Caspian.

"We badgers have long enough memories to know that. Why, bless us all, wasn't the High King Peter a Man?"
"Do you believe all those old stories?" asked Trumpkin.
"I tell you, we don't change, we beasts," said Trufflehunter. "We don't forget"
It's about the same thing with the devas.

"So although the devas welcomed our questions as a means to bring about understanding and true co-operation between us, what interested them most was the process by which a human - deaf, fumb and blind in their regions - was reaching out to know them and talk to them".

They were told to have as many different sorts of plants as possible in their garden, because that focused the forces of devas, and that in turn attracted overlighting devas...

"The primary impact on me of the deva world has been this necessity to rise to a higher state within myself in order to contact them. If I am depressed, angry, resentful or caught in some negative emotional state, I cannot enter the light and joyous atmosphere of their realms".

"Considerations we had hitherto thought impractical in the garden, the devas insisted wee eminently practical. Our attitudes, thoughts and feelings had a great effect on the plants, they said. Knowing this had a great effect on us, as well, since we had to learn to be careful about how we felt, how we spoke and what we did around the garden. If we were not in a good state, it was best to go elsewhere. We began to realize the truth of what the devas were telling us: "Every creature, human or otherwise, reacts to and acts upon its environment for all is one."

Which reminds me of Jane Sherwood's Post-Mortem Journal
‘My name is Mitchell,’ he said. ‘It won’t convey anything to you but I work with newcomers and was here when you came into view.”
I felt suddenly constrained and diffident and the change must have been obvious to him for he said: ‘Don’t do that, for God’s sake, or I can’t stay. You have to learn that your feelings create an atmosphere about you that alters your relationship to those you meet.’
I shrank away and his light dimmed. In alarm I called to him and he heard me and returned.
‘I think I had better find someone you have known to help you,’ he said, but I was ashamed and begged him to stay. So again we went on together and he explained to me that my present body, being of such a light, responsive kind, would express in its colour and emanations every emotion I felt so that not the slightest change of mood could be hidden."
" Mitchell explained to me that my present body, solid as it seems is now really composed of a kind of matter which on earth I thought of as ‘emotion’. This feeling stuff is now exterior to the real me and has no physical drag to slow down its activity. Hence the frightening release of emotional energy and the impossibility of masking it."

Violet Deva by Peter F. Christiansen

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