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When NOT to cast spells

HALT rule is good here too.

Hungry - Angry - Lonely - Tired

This is an explanation of HALT rule from a site about how to stop smoking.
I'm quoting without revising, I'm sure you are smart enough to adjust it to your own life and situation.

Hunger - Drink plenty of water during the day. We are made of 80% water. Lack of energy, decreased productivity, mental sluggishness and irritable moments are all linked to lack of enough water in our body.

By no means miss or skip a meal. A well nourished mind and body is crucial for maintaining resistance to cravings and a clear mind.

Anger - You may well find yourself short tempered for a while. Avoid excess anger during this long quest for freedom from nicotine. Recognize these moments of rage and anger for what they are...

Sadness at saying goodbye to smoking as a friend. Although, with friends like this, who needs enemies?
The powerful nicotine demon leaving your body.
Feelings of helplessness against urges (steady now are not helpless...)
Longings for long-established rituals of smoking, (after dinner, while talking to Sue, after toilet, etc...)
Resentment towards those still smoking.
Fear of losing heart and smoking again.
Anger and hate.
Irritable moments at things out of your control.

(Also, remember that SHAME is usually anger disguised as something "more PC". Also, usually, when you say you "hate" this and that, it's a question of things that make you angry. - Ket's comment)

As long as you RECOGNIZE these moments or short periods of anger and rage for what they are, you are better equipped to ride them down and out. Always, always remember...This, Too, Shall Pass. Believe it, my friend, it works...

This, Too, Shall Pass!

Lonely - Avoid being lonely during this time of struggle and vulnerability.
Here are suggestions, take 'em or leave 'em.

Avoid the bar - real friendships are not found there. Negative talk abounds, and lots of smoking goes on.
Instead, hang out on Main street. Find yourself a comfortable spot to study the world.
Move nearer to family.
Move farther from family.
Volunteer, get involved, get busy.
Avoid being lonely and tired.
Garden 'til your pants fall off. Dance 'til you fall down. Drive 'til your wheels fall off. Bike 'til you run into something. Love, laugh, win, lose, Live!
Take your niece/nephew tubing down the river, go camping, go fishing. Go, go go!
Strike up a conversation with the neighbor even if you maybe haven't talked for weeks. Talk about the moon, the crops, your cousin with the broken collarbone, Fords, Dodges and Chevys, etc...
Call your sister, your mother, your brother, your friend, tell em what's going on. Open up to someone. Sit down with your pastor or priest (make 'em earn their pay!), family member, or close friend and talk it through, talk it all out.
(In Swedish this step is "ledsen" - sad. I think it works better. - Ket's note.)

Tired - Avoid getting too tired. The state of fatigue is easy prey for relapse, self-pity, and overall mental weakness.

Retire early and look forward with excitement and optimism to a new day of vigorous challenges.

Take naps sometimes, they are a true blessing. And remember to drink plenty of water.

And then a couple of words about ETHICS

All I demand is that you are aware of ALL the possible consequences and that you take full responsibility. The two worst things you can say is: "I didn't think..." and "I did nothing wrong!"

Wiccan ethics
Witchcraft Ethics
The Ethics of Witchcraft by Marion Weinstein
Ethics: Intent vs. Wiccan Rede
Ethics by Cerelia and Eileen Holland
Witch Vox - Wiccan Rede

The thing is that I don't believe in "Wiccan rede". To me it's just a poem. Not very good one, either.
I don't believe one needs to draw circles, go widdershins or skyclad, or worship Ancient Gods.
I also don't believe in Karma or "Law of Three".
Do As Thou Believe To Be Right, is my rede. Because you will live the consequences. If you bind someone to you, you will have this person in your life, whether you like it or not. You will bind yourself to that person. I don't believe Binding is dangerous or harmful, or could backfire.
I do believe curses and blessings work, on some level, whether one believes it or not.
I do believe in magic, the power of the word and thought, intentions and if you want something bad enough, you will get it. If it does what you want it to do, that's a totally different story.
They say one may not cast spells on people who haven't asked for it, or who have asked not to be casted spells on. But I say - do as your conscience tells you. It is your life and you will bear the consequences.
I say you can't do anything without harming someone - or something. The best we can do is to try not to harm too many people and as little as possible.
As I believe everything is connected; a butterfly flapping it wings can well cause a hurricane on the other side of the world - I believe everything you do affects everything. This is unavoidable.

Remember this when doing magic.

P.S. "Witchcraft is not a game, it's not fooling around or playing. It is a real power and handling it demands skills. "Craft" is not there just because it sounds nice. It IS art and craft, and to master it you have to work. It might be so that it mostly have a psychological effect, but think about other "psychological effects" like mass hysteria or mass psychos... You can move mountains with your faith... So one should not use witchcraft just for the fun of it. I don't give a damn if you use it for own winning, to selfish purposes and so on - as said somewhere here, it is impossible to know all the consequences and be sure that all I do will "harm none". And why shouldn't one use her skills and knowledge to make oneself feel better? Why would it be bad thing to make my life brighter? I am a witch, not a co-dependent wussy. I can't help others if I am not well. The more I have the more I can give. So you can take your New Age fluffy preaching somewhere else. Mother knows that I, as so many other witches, have problems with TOO MUCH helping, giving, sharing."
I wrote this also 2004

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