Thursday, April 11, 2013


Take several deep breaths and exhale slowly. Shut eyes and feel connection to the earth.
Centering is the process of pulling your energy to the navel, or slightly above or below.
Centering is normally done after the grounding process.
To get the feel of centering, imagine that your energy is a big sheet stuffed in a little box, (you). Let the sheet expand past your body. Lit it flap in the breeze for awhile, then suck it back in. Let it out again, this time half way, then pull it back again. Now let it out a bit and bring it back.

Matt Manley - Centering

The term 'center' refers not to the center of your physical being (your body) but to the essence or seat of your spiritual essence. Basically, it is place within you that is the seat of what makes you, *you* and the place where all your energy is directed from and to. This is very important to understand because if you consciously work with energy then you need to be able to find your center to control the energy at hand. A good example concerns grounding. There are some people who can do it naturally, but most can not. When you ground, you are opening a conduit between a source of great energy (usually the earth) and your center (which is also *you*!) for the purpose of accessing that energy for what ever it is you want to do with it.
You already know where your center is and have already used it. It is the source of your life-force, the seat of your soul. When your depressed you loose energy (natural containments are down) and when you are excited or you feel powerfull, you instinctively gain energy (you reach out and take it).
To find your center, you need only become aware of it. There are several methods of doing this. One that I recomend is feeling passion about something you love, like a piece of music or (for me! astronomy!) perhaps you have a favorite object that you really love or maybe a person! Bring this image into your mind and focus on your feeling for it. Make sure you choose something possitive as negative emeotions are too distracting for this to work. You may feel physical sensations from what your feeling. That's O.K. Begin to focus inward past the emotion you have triggered to the actual source of the intence feeling. You should do this with your eyes closed. Continue to focus inward, past all thought and physical sensation, to the essence or 'base' of the emotion. When you are able to focus on your center (find it) you should feel and almost overwhelming conection with everything natural around you. You might feel as if you could reach out and touch the entire universe (and in fact you can!) or that your consciousness is expanding into some other realm! What your feeling is your own energy flowing up and around into your physical body; carressing it, directing it and bringing life!
Another method is to sit in a quiet place and meditate. You might use music to aid you but the over all key is, again to focus inward. The difference is that instead of concentrating on a strong emotion, you focus on something nuetral and unconscious like breathing. You should focus and concentrate on your breathing untill you loose touch with everything else. Again you will eventually reach a 'place' where your consciousness begins to expand and possibilities seem endless. This is your center.
Once you can center at will (become aware of, *not* become emersed in) you can then begin to learn to consciously focus energy and use it!

by dragYnsol (Fawn Stewart)

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