Thursday, April 11, 2013

Vision Quest

Vision Quest is an old shamanic way of getting into contact with the spiritual world. It can be used as a tool in spellcrafting - to let you know what could help you in your spellcrafting, or if there is another way you should take to get to your goals - and so on.

It is not being alone, contemplating things, getting some distance and peace to figure out things - even though that helps too - but an attempt to get a VISION. To "meet your creator" and hear what She has to say to YOU.

To take the journey, the Quest, you have to open yourself to receive the message - and remember, sometimes it is difficult to understand Goddess - be open.

It helps to get into mood by getting so close to the Mother Earth and Father Sky as you can - that's why most Vision Quests happen "out there" and alone. You should also fast and meditate and slow down - put your body out of the way for a while.

And then there is a third part.
And this has to do with the JOB - not many know this, but the JOB of being a witch or a shaman is to be there for OTHERS.
What ever you receive during your Vision Quest is not for you only, but is to be shared with your family, community, society - world.
A witch is not for herself. Never. The price of being outside the hierarchy is to be outside of it... That you are not object of the rules of society forces you outside the society... but it's necessary for you to be able to help everybody - anybody.

So if you are doing some magic for your own purposes, don't take a Vision Quest to prepare yourself for your magic, what ever who ever tells you.

But do go out to meet Mother and Father, just to connect and remember who you are.

Also, you really don't need any special guidance or expensive courses or resorts to do this.

The Quest is simply but this:
You prepare yourself by purifying yourself.
Then you go to Mother and Father and ignore your body for a while.
You keep your eyes, mind and spirit open, and you will experience some pretty amazing things... some say that you are hallucinating, but I wouldn't... you haven't been eating anything that would cause hallucinations, and not eating for a couple of days doesn't cause hallucinations.

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