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raise energy - direct energy - release energy - ground energy

If you are performing a ritual with a specific goal in mind (a spell), then you need to raise energy before you do that spell.
It's your energy and will that drives a spell.

If your ritual is to celebrate the Sabbats or to give thanks to the Gods, then you may not feel the need to raise any power.

LynxSpirit about raising energy

Raising energy can be done in a variety of ways: singing, chanting, dancing, and visualization (guided or otherwise). Here are some suggestions for raising energy.

Roots and Branches

Close your eyes and imagine the following:

Your feet sink into the ground, becoming roots growing deep into our Mother the Earth, Her energies are all around, rising up like sap through your feet and legs; filling your body. Feel them in every cell. You are one with her.

You are a great strong tree. Stand tall with arms upstretched. These are your branches reaching up to our Father the Sky. Your leaves drink in the power of the Sun. The energies course down your arms and into the center of your being. Earth and sky energies mix. Feel the life-giving energy swirling thoughout your body. More energy is taken in with every breath. Fill the circle with this energy. Continue to draw it in and to send it out. You are at one with all that is. The life that pulses through nature, pulses through you.


Make a simple chant using the names of the goddess and god you are going to invoke.
Rearrange them until the syllables flow rhythmically. It only needs to be a simple mantralike chant. One example is:
"Re, He-ca-te." Another is "Ven-us, Mer-cur-ius, Sol In-vic-tus."

If you have drums, rattles, tambourines, or other percussion instruments, use them to emphasize the beat.
Dance around in a cirlce.
If unable to dance, sit and sway with your eyes closed. Feel the chant resonate within you.

The Mill

This is a traditional spell, known as The Mill, and is used to raise and send energy for any purpose.

Dance around the cauldron, focusing on your magickal intent and chant the following rhyme:

"Air breathe and air blow
Make the mill of magick grow.
Work the will for which we pray
Eo deo ha hay yay.

Fire flame and fire burn
Make the mill of magic turn.
Work the will for which we pray
Eo deo ha hay yay.

Water heat and water boil
Make the mill of magick toil.
Work the will for which we pray
Eo deo ha hay yay.

Earth without and earth within
Make the mill of magick spin.
Work the will for which we pray
Eo deo ha hay yay."

Raising energy by Raymon Grace
Beginners' course in Wicca and witchcraft, (c) 1998-99 FireyOne, Ohshawni, Earthen - Raising energy and Grounding
Another course; raising energy

Lhiannon Sidhe doesn't say much on her page of raising energy, so I post all of it:

"Dancing, Drumming, Chanting, Singing, or just plain visualization are good ways to raise energy.
Other ways I have heard of or used to raise energy are:

--Tensing all your muscles up until you can't hold them any longer then visualize the energy flowing all out at once and going where it's needed.

--A word chain



--Walking in circles (usually 3 times)

--Music Making

--The Cone of Power"

What is the "cone of power"?


Raising a cone of power is done within a magic circle. The coveners focus on a single goal which is visualized in a image which everyone agrees.
The power of the cone is raised through chanting, dancing, drumming, hand clapping or cord magic. The coveners dance around the circle and as the tempo increases the cone of power begins to rise above the circle.

To some the energy is visable as a shimmering light. When the energy is at its peak the high priestess or high priest instructs the coneners to release it towards its goal.

Timing is crucial otherwise the spell misfires. The cone has a symbolic significance in witchcraft.

In ancient Syria the cone was the symbol of Astarte, the Phoenician goddess of motherhood, fertility and war. Also tall conical hats are associated with withcraft.

The cone of power has had some remarkable success through history.
It was used by Great Britain in 1588 against the Spanish Armada, which suffered a serious defeat.
Again in 1700 it was used against Napoleon, and again against Hitler.

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As you can see, no one seems to really know what this is, but it sure sounds impressing LOL

More about energy later;


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