Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Eight Schools of Magick

I found this from Tanaii's site... Interesting, though I don't know how accurate.

Necromancy: The practice of Death Magick. Necromancers have the ability to communicate and, if need, control the dead. In the past, Necromancy has been defined as magicians who control the dead to seek information. Which can be true or untrue, but usually it is the ghosts that volunteer the information before moving on. Death is the area of the Necromancer, and it gives them the ability to travel in between the worlds.

Biomancy: The practice of Life Magick. Biomancers welcome and guide new or lost souls into their bodies. They also make particularly strong healers.

Healing: The ability to transfer or manipulate energy in order to heal illnesses or negative emotions felt by a person.

Illusion: Magicians use magick in order to trick the minds of others into seeing what the magician wants them to see.

Battle: The ability to use magick as a defense mechanism with others. Magick like this was more practiced in the times of castles and knights and less now. These magicians had the ability to protect whole cities.

Divination: The ability to interpret past or future events through practices like scrying, tarot cards, rune readings, dreams, and more.

Chaos: Chaos is the practice of all the schools of magick without taking an interest in just one of them. Modern definition of chaos need no apply.

Summoning: Having the ability and power to call forth an entity.

written by Aurora

Though I have to say I don't count divination as magic, and I hate that way of writing "magic" "magick". 

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