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Some general information about spells, spellcrafting etc.

 "What is a spell? Why do we work them? How do they work?
Well for me magick is working with certain elements such as chanting, ritual tools, candles, nature, dance, etc... to connect to the flow of energy around us. A spell is giving that magick purpose.
You direct the flow to a certain cause.
I believe all around us is energy, everything is made from it, everything produces it, and it flows through everything. If I rub my hands together quickly I can feel the heat between them.
But I believe there is another way to tame this energy. Which is by connecting to our subconscious, our inner self. I believe it is more closely connected to this energy and therefore by using it we can direct it in other ways. I hope that made any sort of sense lol.
By connecting to our inner self through symbols or chanting, dancing etc... we can open ourselves up to better control and direct it.
I don't use many spells, I think I prefer rituals or just chanting, grounding, meditation. But I do use spells.
I think the difference between a spell and a ritual is the amount of spiritual significance and spells are usually smaller the rituals.
Also I feel a ritual can be for a longer more driven goal where as a spell is more right now.
Of course this is just how I view them, and it isn't the same for everyone
I do believe spells work. Not always, it matters how much effort we put into them. I can cast a spell for a million dollars but unless I am going to give what is needed to achieve that, and willing to work for it then it doesn't work.
Why cast a spell if you still have to work for it?
Well nothing is easy or jsut given to us. Its about balance. We only get what we give out of this universe.
I believe spells are an added aid though. They balance are actions with our spirits.
If you are trying to push everything one way and someone else is pulling in the opposite direction you will get no where fast! Its better to align everything on the right path.
I also know some people say we shouldn't cast spells, but just be open and ask that the universe gives it to us. I disagree with this respectfully.
I see that as sitting at home all day and wishing people would just bring you food. Its not going to happen. We have control over our lives, if we want something we need to go and get it."
Raven about spells in Care2's Witches and Witchcraft

"A spell is not a prayer but at the same time it is. I believe in Goddess who can't be forced to do anything, and I believe in people's free will - so by spellworking I am just changing the atmosphere to a more plesant for me. I think that spells are done to adjust the circumstances. They work mostly by changing MY attitudes and expectations and releaving my fears and giving me hope, strength, courage and trust. Spells are purely psychological. A curse will not work, unless you tell the cursed one that she is cursed. Likewise the blessing will not work unless you share it. Spellcrafting is using different things, like words, song, repeating, mantras, candles, colors, stones - well, anything really - as symbols in affirmation. I agree with you, Raven, about the rituals and spells. Rituals are more like sacred plays, bigger, more complex and concentrated, when spells are smaller, easier and quicker. why not just pray? Because I feel more satisfyed when I have done something, even when it is "only symbolical". It gives me a feeling of not just being a victim, God's, circumstances' or someone else's... Life is about experience and doing stuff, not about sitting and wishing."
Ketutar about spells in Care2's Witches and Witchcraft
"There is a difference between Wizard's spells (so called High Magic) Witches' spells (Low Magic) and shamanism.
Wizards' spells almost always involve spirits and demons (here demon is not used in the "opposite-of-angels" meaning, but as their own kind - like daimon) and it is often full of summoning and invocations.
Witches' spells are very simple and involve often rhyming and simple tools. A witch uses herself.
In shamanism the spells are... well, different. A shaman IS the spell. Shamanism is like spirit magic with simple tools - but shamans don't force the spirits, as wizards do. A shaman communicates with the spirits in spirit world and is so one of them - and at the same time aware of her physical being. That is one of the things New Age philosophies often miss - we are spirit AND body. The body is not something bad, something we should get rid of, deny and see as something that makes us LESSER - no, it makes us MORE. Angels envy us the touch...
I personally think that we should keep these things apart.
I call myself an orthodox witch, and I truly believe that it becomes dangerous when one takes this from there and that from here, and calls the demons to dance when performing a simple witch spell..."
Ketutar about spells in Care2's Witches and Witchcraft

Writing your own spells and rituals

Ashley on Spells and Spellcrafting

Rexenne about Spellweaving

Quicksilver about practicing magic - short, but some nice information

Crafting your own spells

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Then follows some pages about ready-made spells. The only use for these in my mind is to learn to understand the structure of spells, so that one can form one's own spells.

Free spells and magic

Free magic spells and spell casting

The spells used in "Charmed" tv series
(and a still of every page of their BOS used to be on this URL, but the pictures have been removed. Here are some copies of the pages that has been published on the internet. And then there's this guy. He claims to have replicated most of the book... but I can't see any of the work. Also, he claims he has been working with it since he was 10. Which doesn't sound really credible.)

The Electric Witch's Book of Shadows
Scroll, scroll, scroll... when you have scrolled over "Witchcraft, Words of Wisdom, Spirituality, Tools & Techniques, Magic, Rituals, Correspondences, Herbs, Psychic abilities, Deities and Divination", it's time for "the good stuff" - spells.

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