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Principles for Directing Energy

Energy should not be directed indiscriminately. Send energy for the highest good of all concerned. Allow it to be used by the high-self of the recipient for their greatest good.

When directing energy, ask the person first if they want a treatment or go within and ask their higher-self. If you do not get an answer, it is ok to send the energy. Use your intuition. If the Reiki is not accepted by the recipent it will return to you.

Never assume that another being wishes to be healed, even if they say that they do.

Don't intend to heal a person; just allow the energy to work. Don't judge the effectiveness, the energy is working.

Honor the energy, yourself/intention and the recipient for the work performed.
Where awareness is focused, energy is concentrated and becomes manifest.

Those are the principles of directing REIKI energy - the magical energy isn't any different. It might be easier to understand what is meant, if you think of healing and reiki. - the site is long gone, but it seems this has been copied straight from the page

Raising and Directing Energy

Magick is the collection and focusing of natural energies to affect a change, so this is performing magick. I have a section in which I explain my theories on What is Magick?, but I want to point some things out. Primarily because magick performed with this type of ritual is quite powerful. In addition rituals are held on sabbats and at the full or new moon. This is when the natural energies are the strongest and the magick performed is even stronger.

One of the major differences between Wicca and some other religions is that anyone, not just priests or elders, can perform magic. In fact I believe that each one of us performs magick all the time. A popular phrase among other Wiccans I know is "perception is reality." As we think and focus on a perception, we align the natural energies to make it happen. How many times have you wanted to meet someone, and thought and thought about it, then one day, bam, you meet them, just like magic! I bring this up because these perceptions, even unintentional ones, during a ritual, on a power day, can produce some interesting results. Another good reason to perform the Purification of Self.

This is a good time to bring up the threefold law again. "Any energy you send out will come back three-fold." This particularly pertains to performing magick. Interestingly enough every one concentrates on the negative connotations of this law. How if you generate negative of "bad" magick it will come back t bite you. I just want to point out the positive side. Magick created to help, that harms none, will result in good thing coming back to you.

The sacred space will help hold the energy you collect before you send it on its way to affect the change. The circle isn't required to perform magick. Without the circle the energy collected is retained within oneself until it reaches its peak, then sent forth. The circle helps retain the and control the powers before you sent them out.

It is a good idea after performing magick to thank the God and Goddess for their presence and their help. A small moment of reflection, or an offering, or the lighting of candles are all good ideas.

Grounding the Energy

After performing magick and sending the energy on its way, there is always some residual energy left. It is a good idea to ground this and return the energy to its natural state. This can be done by slow rhythmic breathing, visualizing the release of the energy as you exhale. Another method is to thank the God and Goddess and have a light snack. Eating kicks your body into a different state, and the excess energy is released.

Ground Your Energy.

You raised energy earlier, and now you must ground it. Release the remaining energy down through your body and out into the Earth. Even if you are indoors, and your feet aren't truly touching the Earth, you can still visualize your energy dispersing this way. Depending on the nature of your spell, you may find that most of the energy is used up in your spellwork.

You really don't need to do that.
A witch I know enjoys the rush the rest of the day

Any questions?

An article about the Magical Energy. Worth reading

"When you understand the true nature of the energy you work with, you can make real magic."

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