Saturday, April 13, 2013

Findhorn Garden, Part III

David Spangler...

I put David here next, because I hate his part, and it would be better if it never got in the book.
He sounds totally fake to me.

Peter said "In 1970 a young man (25) David Spangler and his spiritual colleague Myrtle Glines came to Findhorn from America. For several years before that, David had been a lecturer and writer on New Age themes. When he arrived he found us to be a dozen or so people working in a garden and living a God-centered life. Within the following eighteen months community membership grew to 150. During David's three year stay our identity expanded into that of a New Age community and training center."

He was 19 when he was asked to speak about his "guides" to a larger public, and a year later he left his studies and became a professional New Ager... "lecturer, educator, counselor"...
He went to Findhorn because he found "words to be not enough to bring about the New World" and Findhorn was what he had been looking for... Nevertheless, immediately as he arrived to the garden, he starts changing it. He has had this "spirit guide", "John", who suddenly becomes some sort of emissary "representing the interests and the consciousness of the elemental kingdoms", thus placing "John" as higher authority than Pan, Landscape Angel, even God. They haven't needed any emissaries so far, they didn't need one 1970 either, but David needed the power and authority.
Now, in Findhorn, people are used to simple, humble and sincere authorities of Peter, Eileen, Dorothy and Roc, who actually do hear what the other life forms are saying, and David is not stupid, so he creates the "messages" so that they sound like those coming from God and Devas.
That the garden is slowly losing the vitality doesn't worry anyone, they have David to tell them it's as it should be.

"Are you saying there must be changes mede in the way the gardening is being done here at Findhorn?"
"That is what I am saying", answers "John".

Yeah, sure...

He doesn't see the nature spirits and devas as equals, no, he sees Man as superior, God-like and with a mission to dominate the world. I hate it when he repeats over and over again "Man has dominion over nature".
"John" sayd "the nature kingdoms look to you to lead them". 
"John" says "Man primarily needs only to communicate to the beings of nature what is required without any other physical activity on his part..." 
The humans are here to lead, counsel, teach, lecture and educate, train these "dumb beasts" into being better themselves as they already are.

Through it all he shows a sad misunderstanding of the nature of devas and nature spirits.

"There are beings that regard humanity as a nuisance at best, a dangerous, disruptive force at worst..."
I get the impression that the nature spirits see us as some sort of lost, confused, incomprehensible children, not aware of our own power or meaning, blind, deaf, dumb, but oh, so prideful, playing our mysterious games and causing damage, like a child ripping off wings from a fly because it doesn't understand the fly is a sentient being, a dot of life, as important as we are.

Nah. I say he's fake. Now, I haven't met him, nor spoken with him, I have no other experience of him, but when Peter's, Eileen's, Dorothy's and Roc's story fills me with love, gratitude and hope, David fills me with distaste, suspicions, and takes me down.
That's all the evidence I need.

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