Thursday, April 11, 2013

Findhorn Gardens, part I

That part from Scott reminded me of The Findhorn Garden, a book that I love. I especially love the first 4 stories.

Peter's story about how they came about to start a garden by a caravan park they had to live in, because he just couldn't get a job.

"Eventually, the Board sent one of their investigators around to see me. He had with him a fat file with a complete record of my efforts to obtain employment. After going through it, he looked up at me and said, "Would you say that God is preventing you from getting a job?"
Amazed at his understanding, I replied, "Why, yes, indeed."
"Well", he said, "then presumably if we cut off your money, God will provide for you."
He had played his ace card.
"Yes... yes, I expect... yes, He would." 
So that what they did, and that is what God did."

I love the simple trust and faith he has. God will provide, he believes, and God does.

When ever he needs anything, he does the preparing work, and - God provides. They get cement when they have prepared the area where it is supposed to go, they get soil and manure, when they have done all the grounding work for the garden, they get everything they needs just as they need it.
All the time they are guided by God.

"Both Eileen and Dorothy wrote down the guidance they received each day from the God Within. This ranged from advice on inner development, to the food we were to eat, to specific tasks for the day. My own guidance took the form of intuitive flashes of inspiration - often received while working - that carried a sense of conviction, a deep inner knowing. These were sometimes confirmed and amplified by the guidance Eileen received."

And they do all with focus and love... 

"I was told that by working in total concentration and with love for what I was doing, I could instill light to the soil. It is difficult to explain, but I was actually aware of radiations of light and love passing through me as I worked."

And then the devas!

"One morning in May... ...she received a message during meditation, that brought us into a totally new phase in the garden's development. She directly contacted a spirit of the plant kingdom, the deva of the garden pea... ...I jumped at the chance, thinking: At last! Now we can get straight from the horse's mouth the answer to any questions we have on gardening. I brought out all those questions... ... and Dorothy put them to the deva of the species concerned... ...we received the answers... ...they told us how far apart plants should be, how often to water them, what was wrong and what to do about it."

" longer need you be controlled by events, but by your power of thought you control them. You can bring about anything by your thoughts... ...what you think, you create. This is where your faith and belief must be unshakable. When there are nay doubts or lack of confidence, you are unable to bring about these truths in form. My wonders are to be manifest in form."

Our needs are met so that we can be servants of God and do God's work. That we can work to heal the planet... no, to join the troops of God, being the force of life... All the elementals, plants, rocks, animals - humans included - the rain and shine, the wind and snow... all is one. I am a star is a flower is a bird... we are all one.
But anything we do because of fear, when we see the life and world as an enemy, all the others as competitors, people who want what's ours... it won't work. It will just breed more fear and lack and want...

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