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Findhorn Garden, part IV

So, I'll finish my book review with Roc and Elaine :-)

Robert Ogilvie Crombie, or ROC

“Roc was a loving and gentle man, a wondrous story-teller, a musician, and an embodiment of the best of Scottish charm. He was the wise old man, the grandfatherly figure children adore and the magician who guides heroes and heroines on their paths to accomplishment. He was a man of culture who had one foot in this world and one foot in the world of spirits and mystery”
- A White Wizard, A Seeress, and The Nature Spirits They Played With 

Roc communicated with "nature spirits" or "elemental spirits"

"What is meant by the elemental kingdom?
Ancient and medieval philosophers believed that all matter was mady up of differing combinations of what they called the four elements - earth, air, fire and water. They also believed that these elements were inhabited by beings or entities knows as elementals. While earth, air, fire and water are not elements in the present-day meaning of the word, they remain useful concepts in esoteric and occult teachings, because they have a higher significance than the purely physical one. It is important to understand my interpretation of the word "elemental", since certain schools of thought use the word to mean negative or evil entities from the lower astral plane. There are such entities which should preferably be termed "pseudoelementals", since the true elementals come from a higher plane and are part of the angelic hierarchy".

He tells the story of how he came to communicate with such spirits, fauns, dryads, gnomes, fairies and such, but more so Pan. He too got the lovely idea from Wind in the Willows and The Piper at the Gates of Dawn"... I have to say, if those book fearing Christians would ban books they should ban Wind in the Willows and Mary Poppins, which are largely responsible for my Pagan mindset :-D (Also, C.S.Lewis has had a great influence on my spirituality. So, you don't need to be afraid of his "Christian themes", if you are not Christian, you will just overlook them and not be brainwashed to believe Christian dogma :-D)

Pan says "There is always time for the important things. Communicating with my subjects is not a garden game for the odd half hour when there is nothing else to do. I have observed far too much of this contemptuous superior attitude of man towards my subjects; it is almost worse than disbelief."

 I got a glimpse of fairies once... it was a summertime... after Midsummer, but not Autumn yet. I was walking our dog in the forest and I saw a procession, airy, white, mistlike, but clear, of forest folk with a unicorn, dancing through the forest... I could feel Mother's heartbeat under my feet... I could feel the life of earth...

I need to return there.

The last person writing in The Findhorn Garden I want to mention is Elaine Harrison.
She seems to be a very private person, I can't find any photo of her anywhere.

Elaine tells the story about how she was guided to Findhorn by a pegasus.
Not the same way as Roc, no, but she first had a dream in which a pegasus came to her and asked her to ride on him.
Then she received a letter from TTEAM - with a pegasus logo on the envelope.
So, she went through with her plans to become a Ttouch practitioner.
One thing lead to another and another, and finally she found herself at Findhorn. She was supposed to interview Eileen Caddy, and just the day before she noticed the cover image of a book she had received as preparing reading...

Anyway, she talks about her experiences about communicating with plants.
" a natural empath, animal healer and communicator, I was entirely open to the possibility of receiving something from the plant. I have always fully accepted that plants comunicate and was accustomed to getting intuitive feelings about plants, but to date had not actually received a direct communication from one. However, even accepting all of that, when I did receive a very clear message from the plant I almost dismissed it completely, it simply didn't make sense."

And I remember writing to my reading notes:

"I am thinking about Gaia.
I am thinking about the angel book.
I am thinking about animal communicators."

You see, in the first copy I had of this book, it ended with David's part, and it didn't have Dorothy's messages from the different Devas. I wrote this after Dorothy's part.

So, I think I'm on the right track here.

Elaine Harrison, BTW, has written "How to Develop Telepathic Communication with Animals"

Also, I am reminded by D.J.Conway's Magickal, Mystical Creatures, which I need to re-read...

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