Thursday, April 11, 2013

Grounding, Centering, Shielding

Part I Grounding and CenteringFirst of all: Calm down, take deep breaths and do not be afraid.

I am somewhat of an empath, and I see the 'little people'. Always have. They are just their. So your gremlins are not something to be afraid of, just treat them with respect.

Sounds to me like you could need two things - learn how to shield and how to cloak for protection.

As for your psychic ability, of course it's scary, especially if you have gotten horse manure about it in the past. But it can be harnessed. Forget about the yoga. That will only open up even more.

Part II Shielding

First: Ground and Center - I use to imagine that my spine is extended and transformed into a tree trunk with deep roots and a vast top. The Top reaches out to Heaven, growing beautiful leaves and flowers. The roots extend into the earth, fanning out to the sides, with a sturdy mid-root that burrows down, down, in to the center of the earth. Do not stop until you see the Magma. Now you are Grounded and Centered. Do this over and over till you can clearly visualize the process in your mind

Imagine that your mind is a precious gem in a display box in a museum. Now, you have to install security walls around the display box - visualize yourself building the walls out of fortified glass, putting in the bolts and brass fittings. If you like you can see it happen like special effects in one of your favorite movies. Mine is Matrix at the moment. Now, create an alarm. Think of a 'trigger' sentence or 'trigger event' - something you feel is for you the boundary of your mind's openness - maybe the feeling you have just before a 'premonition' or just before you feel the precence of the gremlins. Attach a specific alarm to it, like a sentence you wouldn't normally hear or say; something like 'all dogs have three legs' or The moon is a piece of green cheese'. Now visualize a cabel going from a box containing the alarm to the surface of the security wall you just built. And repeat the 'alarm sentence' over and over again. Again use special effects, see the signal travel from the wall to the box, and hear the alarm go off.

Now, when the alarm go off - see a huge brass door come down from the ceiling, holding out whatever is coming from outside away from your mind. Do this until you can clearly visualize the process in your mind.

Part III Protection, Daily and Dreams

Protection: This is real easy. First Ground and Center before getting dressed in the morning then as you dress imagine that with each piece of clothing you put on a piece of armor, namning each piece, imagine that it glows white or gold as you put it on, and keeps glowing as you move about. Now you are ready to go out into the world. Do this over and over until you have the process firmly fastened in your mind. This can be used at any time during the day when you feel you need to affirm your protection.

For dreams: Ground and Center then Imagine that your bed is a four poster bed. Now attach hangings around the four sides, colours is white or gold, blend in some red and green too, weave the hangings in your mind, make sure to tie them four corners, so that the four poster becomes a closed 'room' - you are inside and you will not have disturbing dreams.

Part IV - Sealing off

This I have not tried, and don't know if it works.

But try some thing like this.

Ground an center

In your mind create a room, any shape, inside your mind. Give it distinct outside walls [the outside walls is all you will have to see] so you can see it clearly. Maybe use the colors white, gold and red. You could use white, red and black, the colors of the Goddess, but as you have used gold, white or red with your protection, it would be easy to use those.

When the room is ready, with a door that can open - make it open into the room, away from the rest of your mind - imagine your gift. Give it a good, easily reckognizable and neutral shape. When you have that, imagine that you take the gift and put it in the room you created for it. Close the door firmly and lock the door, using a key that glows gold or white. Make sure you put the key in a place in your mind where you, and only you, know where it is. Maybe together with a pleasant memory of some thing or some one that meant a lot to you. Write down on a piece of paper where you put it - don't loose the paper. You might want to open the door in the future.

Shadow Bear

(This was written by my husband, Shadow Bear, also 2004, in Care2)

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