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Preparing for the ritual - purification

I have notived that ritual purifying of oneself helps one to focus - as it is somewhat meditative, one feels prepared, ready and worthy; as one's best, and it helps to make the situation "special".

There are different recipes and suggestions about special bath oils and mixtures in the Net, and suggestions about different methods how to do this. Browse freely on the Net and collect information to form YOUR OWN RITUAL. There really isn't any "right" or "wrong" way of doing things. What ever makes you feel special, powerful and "witchy" is good

Some suggest a certain amount of ascetics - like not eating (or eating something special), staying awake or other such things (not having sex, smoking, drinking coffee, watching telly...) - as this helps also in making the situation different.

Also some suggest special clothing - like the witches' hat...

This following example of a ritual bath is from "Coven of Cythrawl"

The Ritual Bath

1. Before performing a ritual, it is necessary to prepare yourself for the work ahead.
* As many Singaporeans only have showers and not long baths, as most western households seem to have, the ritual bath can be done by taking a pinch of salt and any oils into the shower and then standing or sitting under the stream of water and emptying one's mind.
* A ritual bath washes away the dirt and grime of the everyday world along with the tensions of the mundane world
* For those with a long bath; draw a hot bath and add some essence, oils or perfume that makes you feel good. If you have studied the uses of oils and scents in magick, you might want to tune your additives to the work to be done.
* Turn off all the lights and light a single white taper or small candle.
* Make sure that it is in a candle holder, that will handle it without you worrying about it setting fire to anything, or spilling wax where you do not want it. Votive candles and holders work very well for this.
* Light a stick of incense or place some on a glowing coal in a censer that you have.
* Place some sea salt in a white dish or small bowl.
* Being so close to the sea, it is easy to collect sea salt by just taking some ocean water home and letting it evaporate in the direct sunlight until all that is left is the salt crystals.
* If you cannot get sea salt, you might want to use some iodized, or rock salt, from the market. It is essentially the same thing, but personally I like the idea of making or collecting my own salt.
* You should have some purified water in a cup or vial.
* Fresh spring water or stream water is ideal but most of us living here have to make do with bottled water from a store.
* Rainwater, collected, strained, and kept in glass bottles is a good substitute though.
* It is definitely preferred that you do not use tap water because of the additives in it.

The following is a very simple ritual for consecrating the ritual bath.

* Lock the doors and unplug the phone.
* This is to ensure that you are not disturbed.
* Once the bath is drawn and any oils have been added to it as desired, take the candle and make three slow passes over the water as you say the following evocation.

  • "By this creature of fire do I purify this ritual bath. May all impurities flee before its light."
  • Set the candle down so that it is out of the way but still sheds light on your work.
  • Take up the dish of salt and, sprinkling three pinches of the salt into the water say the following. "By this creature of earth do I purify this ritual bath. Impure creatures may not approach it."

* Set the dish of salt aside and pick up the incense or censer and make three passes over the water as you say the following evocation.

  • "By this creature of Air do I purify this ritual bath. May my hopes and aspirations rise upon the smoke to be carried by the winds to the Lady."
  • Set the incense aside and pick up the water. Pour the water into the bath. You may form patterns that appeal to you if you like and say the following. "By this creature of water do I purify this ritual bath. May this bath contain the Waters of Life that spring forth from the Heart of the Mother."

* Settle into the bath and soak until the water starts to get too cold to stay in, or until you have fully relaxed and left the tensions of the world behind, which ever comes first.
* This is a good time to meditate on the work you wish to do.
* Dry off with a freshly cleaned white towel that has been allowed to dry in the sunlight if possible.
* Again, the colour of the towel can be coordinated with the work you intend to do.
* Apply any anointing oils that you plan to use and go to your working site.
* There are provisions made for `emergency' ritual baths in the event that you cannot take a real bath, as we've already discussed above by taking showers if no alternative is present.
* These provisions just involve dousing yourself with any specially prepared solutions and the salt that serve the purpose.
* These are not so much favoured so much as they do not allow any time for real relaxation and meditation, unless you sit and let all the stress and dark thoughts wash away with the stream of water.

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