Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spell crafting 101

Course of miracles - that is SPELLCRAFTING

Ok, it has been said that there is a spell for everything. There is. Because it's YOU who MAKE spells. Don't start looking for a spell to use when you need one. Even if they would work, your own spell works better.

It can't be said too many times, that the only thing you NEED for spellcrafting is YOU. It is nice to have a pretty altar, amazing tools, candles, stones, ribbons and herbs and oils and all other interesting things, but that is just decor. All you NEED is you. I will be talking about correspondences and tools too, as I like them - and they help one to concentrate and makes the atmosphere better - a little placebo can't harm LOL

There are several "laws of magic", which we are going to go through one by one too They are pretty self-evident, but talking about them makes you really REALLY understand and remember them

There are more or less elaborate rituals and ceremonies involved - if you wish to - their only purpose is basically... yes, you guessed it "atmosphere" LOL But as we are working with our MINDS the "placebo effect" is pretty important.

Basically, what you do is to silence yourself. Stop the world for a while.
And concentrate on what you are doing.
You are "asking" something from the Powers That Be - what ever makes magic happen. Spirits, flow of magic - what ever you think magic is. Shifting the Weave a bit... You are not demanding anything, you are asking. It is with magic as with everything else, you'll just get trouble by forcing your will throuhg, the Universe is there to PLEASE you, it is enough to just ask Talk the Universe to want what you want.
So concentrate. Think of what you want. Think of why you want it. Think of that there are several possibilities to get what you want. Try to think of several possibilities. Choose one and concentrate on that. Think of it really hard. SEE it happen. FEEL it happen. LIVE it happen... BELIEVE IT HAPPEN. SAY IT. SAY IT LOUD AND CLEAR. "This IS happening!" Be sure it IS happening and enjoy the feeling And open your eyes and thank the Universe for making your wish come true

That is basically what spell-crafting is. All the rest is staging

Reposted from Care2's Witches and Witchcraft. I wrote this some 8 years ago... 2004.

Whatever you ardently desire,
Sincerely believe in,
Vividly imagine, and
Enthusiastically act upon,
Must inevitably come to pass.

- Sybil Leek, Diary of a Witch

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