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Magic circle - sacred space - ritual space


The magical circle is a sacred place where all rites and ceremonies are carried out. It acts as a doorway to the Gods.
More important it is a boundary of concentrated power. Within the circle you are able to transcend the physical and open your mind to a higher level of consciousness.
In ancient times circles were drawn around sick people to protect them against demons. The circle was also used in ancient Pagan rites.
The circle serves to keep out unfriendly spirits. Negative energy is cleared prior to casting a circle.
The circle should be nine feet in diameter but larger circles are sometimes cast for large groups. The alter and ritual tools are placed inside the circle.
The circle is drawn on the ground or sometimes laid out with a cord. The witch visualizes a field of energy.
The working space of the circle is in fact a three dimensional sphere. Candles are placed on the ground at the cardinal points.
Coveners enter through a symbolic gate which is then closed. The circle is then consecreted with the four elements.
Then the gaurdians of the four elements are invoked. The God and Goddess are invoked through ritual.
The purpose of the ritual is then stated and carried out. At the close of the ceremony food and drink is offered to the coverners.
The candles are then extinguished and the circle is ritually closed.
The Magic Circle, by John William Waterhouse

Circle casting 

Datura's book of shadows - circles and sacred spaces
Datura's Book of Shadows has a really good explanation of what is a circle, why to cast a circle, how to cast it and how to close it.

Teen Witch Online - casting a circle

Echoed Voices - Basics of Magick - casting a circle

Now, go and read this and think about it. There's nothing difficult in this. Then practice circle casting a couple of times, until you are totally sure and secure with yourself and could cast a circle even if you were dragged from your bed in the middle of the night to do it

Some people feel it's more safe and comfortable to have the "magical shield" while spell-crafting. The circle keeps the negative influences (outside yourself) out from the crafting, and keeps also some of your own negativity inside the circle, so that if you are worried about "harming none", you have less to worry about.
Also some people think that the circle makes the spells more effective. Whether it is because you are stating your intention very clearly and attracting the magical powers to you by casting the circle, or because it FEELS more magical that way, doesn't matter at all...

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